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Candles & Fragrances

This year Start By Burning

A Natural Soy Wax Product.

  Economically Retail Priced Year Round   


Spring / Summer Candles- 6oz. Jar
Handmaded and cotton wicks is used. Burn time Aprox. 35-48 hours.
Price: $5.00
Spring / Summer Scents:

Fall / Winter Candles- 6oz. Jar
Burn time Aprox. 35-48 hours.
Price: $5.00
Fall / Winter Scents:



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Candles - 16oz. Jar
Custom-Tailor Orders Only: with fragrances listed. Burn time Aprox. 50-100 hours
Price: $12.00
In Stock Scents:









Gift Set of 2--- Burn time Aprox. 4 -8 hours each.This small size candle is prefect for any gifts; 2.5oz. filled candles
Price: $10.00
Keepsake Fragrances:
















1 package of 12-mixed scents. Available in clear or tin cup. Burn time Aprox. 3-6 hours each.
Price: $6.00
Mixed Fragrances:



Beverage Fragrances
Burn time Aprox. 35-48 hours.
Price: $5.00

Shower Gel
Handmade with limit ingredients.
Price: $3.00
Enter Option Name:











Price $10.00 -- Candle Kit

Make your own candles at home with this simple kit.










The InstaCandle is a marvelous innovation that allows everyone to experience the fun, satisfaction and pride that comes from creating a personalized, high quality, natural candle within minutes. It’s that easy!